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  Effective program on witch hunting act 1999

Date: 27 Feb., 2011
Place: Youth residence Patna
Organizer: Bihar women’s network
Cooperation: C.W.S

Today this workshop is organized and greeted by Neelu ji. Our chief guest is Rajendra ji (human right commission). Other speakers are Dr. Anshuman ji (legal authority), Dr. Anil Kumar (lawyer), shri Rupesh Ji (right to food) and Shree Jitendra narayan ji are present.
Ashok memento has been given to all these guests and a soulful song on witch hunting was sung by Kaushlya Ji.
In the beginning of workshop, Neelu Ji introduced about Bihar Women’s Network. She told that there are so many organizations working for Bihar Women’s Network which are working for women. She also told that since 2003 Bihar Women’s network is continuously working for witch hunting. She informed us about so many cases in which Bedamia Devi and Kaavakola’s incidence was severe. In these cases the lady had been gang raped in the name of witch. Bamboo had been inserted in her sex organ. After that Justice Rajendra Prasad appreciated the work and achievement of Bihar Women’s Network.

Shri Rajendra Prasad:- He told about the contribution of women in the form of daughter, sister, wife or mother. In every manner she complete our society then also her miserable condition is due to our society. There are so many cases of female feticides came in light. They are frequently using these things through advertisements. Ekta kapoor’s so many serial told about the message of extramarital relationship. Witch hunting is mainly rooted by blind faith where good and well educated people have been involved. These are frequently introduced by media print and electronic media. He told that we can easily win the battle. There was no any act over which before 1999 and so that no one had been declared culprit by saying witch to a woman.
Now a day there is act for saying witch but we need to make it in force because this is being ineffective to save the women. In these crimes people should be sentenced to death, this should be non-bail able case and there should be no any provision of anticipate bail. We need awareness to eradicate this problem from root. We need to form an organization in the form of panchayat and other small groups and over there we can organize a program on witch hunting. He told that I will also cooperate you and it will be effective and definitely make a difference. This law needs forceful complement police in charge and other administrative officer need to be determined to make relief these victims.
One victim name was Meena from Nalanda came and told that police in charge of Sermera filed her case then also culprit is not been punished and he is free from any sentence. Victim had been marked by hot iron on her body and she had been badly abused.

Dr. Anshuman ji:  He told and informed us about various laws for this like:
  1. Section 2W- victim should be defined even in presence or absence of person.
  2. NGO can file a case on behalf of victim by sending a proper report in a court.
  3. Section 357A- information about victim compensation.
    1.  You should know the plight of victim.
    2. Victim should be compensated even if culprit is absconded.
    3. If victim is recognized, compensation is given.
    4. If culprit has ran away than also compensation is given.
    5. If trail is not concluded then also compensation is given. Compensation includes medical expenses, personal expenses etc.
Section 372-the victim can appeal in three conditions:-
1.      If the culprit has got bail.
2.      If according to victim the culprit has not got enough punishment.
3.      If the victim has not got adequate compensation.

Bihar Women’s Network is working in 16 districts of Bihar. In 2003 a survey was held in two blocks of Nawada. In 2004-05 three hundred female victims were identifying. Then Meena ji told about the list of the police station survey. The witch is derived from the word Wicca which means intelligent.

Shri Anil Singh :- witch hunting is crime all over the world. He counseled in his own home as they were also affected from it. Not a single section is untouched from it like teacher, lawyer, police inspector etc. Sati pratha has been abolished from our society. Just due to the awareness should be brought among the people. The witch word itself is a crime. The police in charge should act strictly against it.

Shri Jitendra Narayan :- The constitution is the mother of all laws. In Section 14 all people are equal. In Section 15 religions, cast, gender etc is equal in front of law. Women who are physically and economically weak are tortured more. He advised that this type of program should also be conducted on the block level where the local police officer should also be present and the people should be informed about their rights. Then Vishakha showed the presentation of survey which was conducted in 32 police stations of 16 districts. Then Neelu ji told the police incharge that they did not want to make them feel down by the presentation. Instead the reality is that women are tortured everywhere in every sphere of life.

Shri Anil Singh:- He told that there are some people who are spreading misconceptions about female faces and dressing sense by creating havoc about that among female and children. He also told that they should be found and the reality should be revealed. One police inspector told that if the case filer is any other person other than the victim then there is a procedure of filing the case once more. Under Section 357A it is recheck sometimes and the victim is paid for the loss caused.
With this session completes.

Second Session 

Police in charges- Razi Ahmed from Arwal, Jaikrishna Yadav from Nawada, Sunil Kumar from Mussafil-Begusrai, Sitaram Singh from Saran, maduara, Ramprawesh Urav From Nautan police station of Siwan, Ramji Ram from Jahanabad, Vinod Kumar from Khajauli Thaana of Madhubani, Dhananjay Kumar from Islampur Thaana of Nalanda and I.C Vidyasagar from Samastipur were present in the workshop. They were called on the stage and they gave their introduction.
Rupesh ji said that they wanted to know why the law is being less used. Tell your experience, observation and problems:-
Jaikrishna Yadav told that every worker should have the information about the system. He also told that many cases are not filed because they are the issues between women which may get solved automatically another day.
Rupesh Ji told that behind every witch hunting cases there is an issue over the property. He told the police in charges to create the fear in the mind of the culprits if they can’t file the cases. The woman has to live in same house where she is being tortured and it is the duty of government to provide the security.
Jaikrishna Yadav- he told that after wearing the uniform the duty changes and people can be stopped by the police in order to give full security to the officers and ministers. The police department should be attentive for the security of victim between the period of filing the case and final order by the court.
Rupesh Ji- He advised the police in charges that they should keep aside the law and think by humanity about the problem of victim.
Everyone agreed to it. After that the police in charges shared their experiences about the workshop-
Jaikrishna Yadav- he will always help the women either he is in his police station or any other.
Ranjeet Ram- Due to these programs woman has got enough courage to keep there verdict in front of everyone.
Ram Pravesh- we got a lot of knowledge here.
Dhananjay Kumar Singh- Wherever we will be, we will always help women.
Sunil Kumar- First time we got the opportunity to attend such type of workshop. Please keep faith on me because one person can be like that but not all.
Sitaram Singh- I will try not to break your faith.
Vinod Kumar- if women will come we will give full support to them.
Razi Ahmed- we will take this work forward together.
While concluding the program Meena Ji thanked chief guest who gave a lot of knowledge. She thanked the police in charges who promised to support. She then thanked everyone present who helped in making this workshop successful. And in this way the program was completed.

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